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Male, b. 1974-

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1988-1992: Tottenville High School

1993-1994: University of Rhode Island

1996-1998: Ithaca College

An Artist of 15 years. Creating most of my recent art on the computer. With the help of my digital cameras, scanner, printers and the internet. I endeavor to make great fine art. I push forward to the future, while finding help from the past. I strive to get all my distractions out of the way, to better get my artistic ideas across. Lately my art is unfolding to new and exciting horizons. I harness "the digital" to my advantage. It gives me great freedoms. The modern computer has opened new and exciting avenues to artists. It's impact will be felt for years to come. But for all the digital hoopla, the computer is still a tool. It still requires a talented artist working the tool.
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