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Gas Man
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Shane Crotty, born 1981, grew up in Woodford and Loughrea, Co Galway. He has studied at Galway Technical Institute, the National College of Art & Design, Dublin, and Cluain Mhuire GMIT, where he specialised in printmaking. He uses various forms of imagery ranging from architecture, landscape photography to graphic design and abstract art. He tries to use as many mediums and methods as possible, especially in printmaking, but also painting, drawing, and currently, digital design, web design and photography.

His work was used as an illustration in a poetry book published by Baffle, an annual poetry festival in Loughrea in 2001 and again in 2003 when his work was chosen as the festival’s poster and publication covers. Shane exhibited paintings in a group exhibition titled LoughReaction in 2005. As a member of the Lorg Printmakers group he has taken part in group exhibitions in the Galway Arts Festival and the Clifden Arts Festival in 2007.

Artist Statement

“Some of the idea I try to express in my abstract works come from a less traditional approach. Seeing the similarities between the scientific, artistic and religious aspects of human experience, I tried to adapt similar methods in my artwork. Using elements such as graphs, grids, geometry juxtaposed with natural and organic forms like splashes, stains, random marks representing our need to document and contain our perceptions and understanding of the world around us. Theories like chaos and order, duality, patterns, positive and negative, true of false, mankind and nature. Objectivity, repetition, variation and organisation are factors of the work’s conceptual basis.

The process of printmaking is an exhaustive combination of preparation and technique in order to reach a visual conclusion and it clearly links, scientific enquiry, technology and the artistic.”

“I am a big fan of entropy. I think it is a fantastic idea.”
George Carlin

1999 - G.T.I., portfolio preparation course
2001 - ‘Baffle’ poetry book illustration
2003 – Baffle poetry festival, painting used as poster and publications
2005 – Graduated from G.M.I.T. with a National Degree in Fine Art Printmaking
2005 - Cluain Mhuire Degree Exhibiton
2006 – ‘LoughReaction’ a graduate show in Loughrea
2006 – Completed a FAS course in Web Design
2007 – ‘CONFLICT’ Lorg Printmakers group exhibition during The Galway Arts Festival
2007 – Lorg Printmakers group exhibition for the official opening of The 30th Clifden Arts Festival

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