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Shape Sweeney studied Applied Music at East Carolina University back in the 1970's, then decided he would be God's gift to the burgeoning personal computer field. In forsaking his talents, his life detoured until, at age 33, he contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis and eventually had to stop working altogether 5 years ago.

Being the altogether focused on accomplishment and in complete denial kind of person he is, and having mounds of free time on his hands, he began persuing hobbies that were far beyond his physical abilities. None of them had anything to do with art.

Then, in early 2003, his older brother passed away from complications of diabetes. Well, Shapes big brother was an exceptional artist. This provided the inspiration that Shape needed. Maybe, just maybe, I could do this. If I don't overdo it, stay seated, don't work on anything too heavy, maybe I can do this.

18 months later, Shape has completed 4 significant pieces of wood sculpture that can be viewed at . More is coming, and it will not all be in wood. He is currently working on pieces in wax, clay and plaster. Eventually, he wants to carve a piece of marble.

Shape likes to work on realistic subjects, mixing them up a bit with highly stylized and sometimes abstract surroundings and foundations. He is particularly interested in facial expression and the human body.

Shape can be reached at
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