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Sharon Elliott is a Visual Artist/Instructor who lives and works in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and owns NVsage, a company that sells art created by Sharon and her daughter, Felicia Hunt. She was on the Community Arts Roster of the Greater Baton Rouge Arts Council and the Roster for State of Louisiana’s Division of the Arts. She was also Art Director for The Urban Leader newspaper, and the founder of Creative Endeavors, a local community arts organization.

Sharon has always known that she would become an artist. She completed her first work of art (a drawing of a fig tree in her backyard) at the age of five and has been painting, drawing, and creating for the past 40 years. Sharon studied Fine Arts Design at Louisiana State University, the University of Southern California, and Los Angeles Valley College. Sharon’s artistic style is influenced by the works of Salvador Dali, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Georgia O’Keefe. She is also a lover of Disney storyboard art and is fascinated by the projects of Industrial Light and Magic in California.

Sharon believes her greatest gift is her ability to create images from her own ideas through various media. She enjoys problem solving as a means of taking her art to a new dimension, and believes that there is always a way to materialize an idea.

The world is her storehouse, providing her with all materials for her three dimensional canvases. Working in wood, she builds and decorates her own functional furniture, and sews and upholsters, producing works with fabric. She even uses color and texture while Landscaping (which she refers to as her painting on the earth). Sharon is also accomplished in photography, ceramics and jewelry making, and hopes to develop her skills in computer art and enhancement.

Sharon Elliott takes a special enjoy in helping people express themselves through art. She believes that giving the gifts of unlimited imagination, creativity, and self confidence to a child is her key to immortality.
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