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Sharyne E Walker, Master of Contemporary Fine Art

Sharyne E. Walker is, quite simply an American national treasure. Master
of literally every form of art upon which she lays her hands and heart,
Walker's work is elegant, magical and artistically perfect. Her acrylic
paintings, usually worked on linen, are so detailed that one wishes to
stand for hours gazing at each piece. She is currently creating a
multimedia techno wall sculpture and has recently started painting in
miniature. If forced to pick a favorite, it might be The First Temptation.
a large piece featuring Eve bathing in a stream whilst being counseled by
two beautiful birds on the danger of the approaching snake. The
contrasting high color combinations are stunning, the tiniest of details
mind boggling, and the content matter thought provoking. The Tattooed
Angel would surely take a close second, depicting an Archangel (and most
gorgeous man!) tattooed with glorious flowers (and a miniature self
portrait of the artist) surveying the foibles of man; pollution, greed,
corruption, and considering if earth can be saved.
You must set aside some time to visit Walker's gallery site, as mere words
will never do her work justice.
Most often working under a 10 diopter magnifying glass and with brushes
sometimes containing as few as 3 hairs, Sharyne's work is technically
exquisite. Technique aside, Walker incorporates her soul into each piece
with a mixture of love and wry sense of humor. Sharyne was officially
declared an American Master in 1996 at the first International Exhibition
of National Acrylic Painters Associations of England and the USA, 1990
Laureat Grand Prix de Paris l'Exposition Internationale d'Arts and winner
of more awards, both national and international, than could possibly be
named in one article. Sharyne E. Walker truly IS an American Master, and
America would do well to hold her to their collective bosoms and proudly
proclaim her as their own. She is most certainly one of the finest artists
in the world today.
Submitted by Jillian Maggid
Executive Director of the Lake County Arts Council and curator of the Main
Street Gallery
Member of the California Arts Council
Americans for the Arts
California Association of Local Arts Agencies
California Arts and Fairs Alliance
Laureate 1990 Grand Prix de Paris l'Exposition Internationale d'Arts Plastiques.
Declared an American Master 1996 at the 1st International Exhibition of National Acrylic Painters Association of England/USA. Listed in Who's Who in American Art.
Sharyne's mindscapes cover a full spectrum of color themes from monochrome tone poems to powerful paradoxical symphonies of color. Her delicate imagery and wild abstracts incite the curiosity and propel the viewer on a cruise through her world of enthusiasm for life, color and subliminal realization of our deepest human desires-beauty, passion, perfection, serenity and delight.
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