Shelley Malcolm

Crackling Pines
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Shelley was raised in Hamilton, Ontario where her interest in art, and particularly painting, first emerged. She now resides in Woodstock, Ontario where she creates original abstract watercolour paintings in her home studio. The opening of Quiet Crescent Art marks her first venture into retail as time now allows her to be more active in her interest and offer her works for sale.

Shelley has been influenced by the works of Mark Kellett, an artist now residing in Apsley, Ontario, whose abstract serigraphs led her to appreciate the beauty of bold design and colour.

Two phrases best describe Shelley's work: "It's all about colour", and "Dare to be different". The techniques she uses to build her creations are somewhat unique in the medium of watercolour. Her paintings are a collection of brush strokes which connect to form objects, and often while painting, the images will change as if having a life of their own. Her wish is for the viewer to discover these images, to stir their own feelings in what they are seeing, and to experience them for the sheer joy and excitement of it.

Shelley is pleased with the success of Quiet Crescent Art, and is thrilled that her paintings are finding their way into the private collections in homes and offices. The fact that people are enjoying her work is truly rewarding.

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