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Lilies Flight
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Sheri's art reflects not only who she is as a person, but also how she views the world around her. Her work carries the distinctive flavor of her unique thinking plus the warmth of her caring, creative personality. "The world is already full of too much pain and suffering. I am trying to reintroduce people to their inner imagination, that part of their souls that is filled with dreams, fairy tales, hopes and beauty." She went on to explain that Emerson expressed in one short quote what she was trying to bring to the public, "... the illusion of a loftier reality."

Although Sheri has no formal training in art, she has been surrounded by it all her life. Both her parents are creative in one way or another. Her father, Carlis Lowe, is an artist and her mother, Eileen Lowe, does needlework and has her own recipe site. Much of what her parents enjoy has rubbed off in a rather unique way that has given Sheri the understanding and appreciation of the fine arts and the starting point to develop her own special talent.

"While my parents gave me a strong background in the fine arts, I never considered myself to be a creative person. It took a special kick to get me to truly believe in my creative abilities", Sheri explained. That kick was delivered by her husband John Barnes. "While we were dating, John constantly talked to me about art until, in frustration, I drew a silly picture to prove to him that I had no artistic ability." Not long after that, her house became filled with art instruction books, sketch pads, airbrushes and paints. John and Sheri's studio has been filled with laughter and fun as they each struggle to learn new techniques while they create their art.
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