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Showey is not only an artist, she's also an environmentalist. Using items retrieved from salvage or thrift stores and bargain bins, the curb, and even her patrons' drawers and closets, she creates one of a kind art for discriminating customers.

"Showey Howey is a Lake Orion artist.... She is an absolutely brilliant contemporary artist who specializes in fiber art. Armed with a major talent and a degree in fiber art (there's more to it than that) she uses emotional and personal experience to create meaningful art. We are lucky to have her in Lake Orion." - Yolanda Garfield

Visit her temporary site to see pictures and comments about current charity auction pieces, recent home and garden installations with updates on past projects, gallery sales, new designs and ideas, and other interesting tidbits.

"Remember, I like my hallucinations so much I want you to see them, too." Showey Howey
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