Silva Bachvarova

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Date of birth:11.04.1953, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Education:1973- High School of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
1980 - Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia. Master degree of stage design.
1999 - Professor of painting in the Academy of Fine arts, Sofia.
Professional experience: 11 personal exhibitions: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Sliven, Haskovo /Bulgaria/,Praha/ Czech republic/,
Magdeburg/ Germany/,Honefoss, Lilehamer, Gjumlik / Norway /
40 participations in international exhibitions in Europe, USA, Cuba, Japan
etc. , 70 illustrated books, posters and cartoons, 100 set designs for theatre shows in Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Czech republic and Mexico.
She makes stage designs, paintings and wood sculptures.

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