Slava Deryuga

Street of the Muslim Quarter (Jerusalem, Israel)
© 2017 Slava Deryuga

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Slava (Vyacheslav) Deryuga is an American photographer best known for his images of American landscape.

Slava was born in Ukraine. He graduated from Kharkov National University (Ukraine), and holds Ph.D. degree in nuclear physics. He started his carrier in the Soviet Union as a physicist and a university professor. After immigrating to the United States in 1997 he became a financial engineer.

He used photography professionally throughout his two decade-long scientific career, and has art photography as his second profession.

His photographs are generally unposed and unstaged and make use of natural lighting. The aesthetics of his work are primarily rooted in traditions and values of classical Russian art and great American photography.

Since 1987 his photographic works have been displayed in Ukraine, Russia and the United States.
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