Sonja Josefsson

A description of the operation
The time I spend on my work is either in my studio or by my computer where I work with video graphics and pictures.
A little bit about me
Already from my first steps as a child I have always liked paintbrushes and colours. I am a great philosopher about life, profound thinker of the values in life and possess many different experiences.

In June 2002 I completed my one year long art education in Malmoe. I want to awake different thoughts in peoples minds threw my graphics and paintings. Some critics call me a surrealist who is a bit rebellion with a clear touch of individualism. I write poetry and am self-thought in music, video graphics, learning sounds, video and pictures. My work emphasises strongly the image of the human body in today's society. One can see me mixture all kinds of subjects from philosophy, medicine to pedagogic.

My source of inspiration comes from humans and my dreams.
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