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Meet the Artist

Steve works from an Atelier in Binningen. He creates a lot of different works at the same time. He also enjoys creating in the evening hours. He listens to reggae or country rock music and of course, he says, "A good bottle of wine is also a part of those creative days!"

He's a traveling man and has seen a lot of this world. Asia, Europe, Africa, Alaska and the Yukon have had his number. From the East Coast to the West Coast to the unique lands of Nevada, Arizona, Utah and the Middle West back to Vancouver caught his attention along the way! He also hit the Indy 500 in Indianapolis and spent a few days in Chicago checking out the blues bars. His Milwaukee trip is referred to as "Miller Time"! Many of Steve's images come from memories of the beauty encountered on these trips. His hobbies are paragliding, skiing, diving and world traveling. A real dare devil from the looks of things ! He believes that nature has created some of the most beautiful things in the world.

About The Artist

Stephan was born in 1962 in Bern, the capitol of Switzerland. He started working in 1983 as a biological laboratory assistant at Sandoz AG, a chemical laboratory. He was searching for medicine against Parkinsons, Organ-transfer-reactions and Osteoporosis. He also offered computer support and helped young apprentices learn more about the techniques in the lab.

This is when he started creating art. In a chromatographical test, he saw how colors came out of a black point. He found this quite interesting and after a few months of experimentation, created his first small works of art. He sold his first work in 1986 and 1987 brought his first vernissage at the border of the Rhein. He's had over 20 different shows around Switzerland's restaurants, chemical industry cantines, banks and assurances. In 1990, he rented his first studio at the Elisabethenanlage 11 near the Railway station which he shared with a Swiss-Blues-Band. And in 1993, he applied for a Patent for his unique art form. This "Floating Picture" is a fascinating technique and we congratulate Steve on his new art form.

The Secrets of the Floating System

He uses the application of histological colors from the chemical industry along with batik, textile colors and food colors. All the colors must be water soluble and be in a dry, powdered form. These colors then solute when applied between two or more floating papers when dampened.
The resulting picture comes above this source, a new paper, and will absorb the colors from the source. The final picture is then dried and for special effects some salt is applied. The pictures, which contain airbrush colors, will then be sprayed after the drying process.

His use of fluorescent airbrush colors give his art a vibrant touch of light under a blacklight or uv-spot. The system for the production of colored floating pictures is through the absorption of soluted colors on a floating or chromatographic paper; using a 1.5 mm thick Floating Paper
from the Sihl+Eika Company in Zuerich. He thinks when the pictures are still wet, they look their best because of the intensity of the colors.
At times, he uses UV lamps to give them some fluorescent light.

Thanks to Kathy Kahre, the Heart of ArtQuest, who gave those words a
personal touch ...

~ Featured Artist Giveaway ~ on ArtQuest June, 1997

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