Stephanie Ziehler

Between to worlds
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Born in Eilenburg - grown up in Schoeneiche near Berlin - graduation examination and tailor apprenticeship in the former GDR - evening study of the free graphics at the art university Berlin Weissensee - flight out of the GDR - Study of the painting six years at the Berliner art university - master student of Prof. Hermann bachmann - after that continued education to the art therapist - 16-year of activity as free instructor at different arrangements - today free activity in my Freiburg

Description of art:
Over many years busy me a request, an idea - the effect of the light in the picture to en change - to get "light". I looked for a possibility of bringing the pictures to seeming. The action of light in the past painting was unsatisfactory for me. There I mean colors themselves , began I manufacture to experiment to change the composition of the colors and came to enrich on the idea the color with glass. Glass in different grinding - from finely to rougher glass balls. Glass reflects that Light and with pigments and a special bonding agent resulted a "glaeserne" color. Thus I work today, with this glaesernen color, glaze for glaze. The pictures, which see you, are like that developed.
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