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About the Photographer:

Steve Hogle was born and raised in Southern Florida, who now resides on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.Steve is an accomplished award winning artist, With an obscure sense of capturing the unusual angle within a photo.Detail is especially important to him in shadows and textures in each and every photo, as to invite the viewer in to grab hold or simple relax within the main subject matter of the photograph.

About my work:
I am an Admirer of the work of Wallace Nutting, And love the feel of the watercolored look of his photographs.
I kept thinking, " How can I create a different look within a colored photograph that A person who is not a collector of photo work,would actually hang as a focal piece of Art." So I purchased a digital software program and began to paint over some of my photographs.The positive response has been overwhelming and has changed the way a lot of "non- collectors" view photographic images.

Each photograph I take I digitally enhance with a powerful software tool, it enables me to literally paint over a photograph with brush strokes, adding different levels of moisture, tinting,shadowing,and stippleing.Some less ,some more, all being dependant on the subject matter.A single photo can take hours worth of work . The only difference in what I do, is my darkroom is my computer and software program.

On specific Black and White photographs only certain aspects will I enhance.Some of which are simply small dots known as the technique of stippling. On Some of my other Black and White work I utilize the watercolor effect giving a spectacular look and totally different feel In the Black and White photography genre.
A few I simply leave as a " Natural Photograph" to keep the texture and focal detail of the subject.

Each one is unique in it's finished appearance and the effect that was used in getting to the final project.

The biggest kick I get,is out of watching peoples reactions and their comments with my pieces.Many people see a watercolor at first glance , however upon looking at the piece longer they see the photographic detail underlying in the work.

In any respect,Each piece is an original photograph taken one step further in the ever changing world of modern art.

I hope you enjoy my collection of work........

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