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Human mind is primarily pictorial in its functioning. Life around us is perceived, noted and analyzed in a variety of pictorial representations in the mind. The processes experienced in the external world, as physical, social, historical, psychological or spiritual, evoke dynamic mental images that interact and change; their dynamics being shaped by our desires, fears and beliefs. They are non-verbal and non-rational. These pictures, existing in imagination, are a source of inspiration and visual delight.

My work is an attempt to depict some of the pictorial features of the mind. The image, after initial perception, undergoes transformations before and during the execution. Instinctively, the artist acts like a medium through whom the images flow.

I was attracted towards the abstract work as a child and have pursued the interest since then. Though trained as a physicist, I always found art a compelling means of self expression. I stopped doing physics in 1990 to devote time to the development of my art.
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