Susan Smeder

American Muscle
© 2018 Susan Smeder

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I began my career as an artist 15 years ago when I began my
studies in Fine Art and Art History at California State
University Northridge near Los Angeles, California. I
received my B.A. degree in Art in May of 1995. I spent many
years working for museums and loved working in both the Research Institute and the Art Education Department at the Getty Museum in L.A. and as Assistant Director of Education at the Decatur House Museum in Washington D.C. Finally that compelling voice inside told me I was not working hard enough on my own art and urged me to begin to paint seriously and with
dedication to creating my own artistic voice. Over time I
have realized that my inner voice is very capricious in it's
choice of subjects and medium. I have worked in watercolor,
acrylic, charcoal, pastel and oil, taking delight in all of
them. I love to take a general idea or dream and see where
it goes rather than stick to a formula. My figurative and
landscape work is centered around creating mood and subjects
for contemplation and my scenes mostly come from
imagination. My still lifes are pure exploration of design,
shape, color and detail. I invite the viewer to feel the
mood created by each piece of art and open themselves to
respond to the work. The image portrayed is "American Muscle". It invokes both the strength and vulnerability of America.

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