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Susan Stone Salas
Born in Southern California, I was raised in Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, and New Mexico.
Primarily a self taught artist, I began drawing and
painting at age 4
and aquired some education from the
following influencial courses;

Visual art/film California 1968,
Chinese brush painting California 1971,
Spanish Art History, Colejio de las Monjas, Spain 1974,
Wood carving Guatemala, 1975,
Clay sculpture California 1975,
Graphic art fundamentals New Mexico 1988,
North Light Art School 2001.


Ink On Paper
Little Artist Studio
Taos, NM 2000

Women's Millennium Show 2000
Onate Visitors Center
Alcalde,NM 2000;

Womens Art Show May 2000
La Mesa Library
Los Alamos, NM 2000;

Indigenous Faces Exhibit,
First National Bank of Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NM 2000

Intercambio Cultual
Instituto Cultural Chihuahua,
Chihuahua, Mexico 2000;

The Matrix
Museo Cultural de Santa Fe,
Santa Fe, NM 2000,

City of Santa Fe Poster Contest Art Exihibit
City Hall
Santa Fe, NM 2001

Cowboy Art Show
La Bajada Fine Art Gallery
Algodones, NM 2001.

Arte De Descarts
Stables Art Center
Taos, NM 2002

-Offering original paintings, drawing, and sculptures, in addition to giclee prints and unique gift idems.-

I consider visual art to be
a lot like a language, and for me
it must speak truth,
in order for it to firmly
uphold its depth and meaning.
I enjoy painting, about
personal complex insights, the world of wild horses,
images about Jesus,
topics surrounding wild life conservation,
and 1800's North American History.

My work is dedicated to those
injured and beaten down,
because they're voice is so seemingly silent.
My vision is to form bridges of understanding,
to enhance the human heart through the
universal language of art.

- 2002 Susan Stone Salas
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