Susanna Bossa

Reviving The Soul
© 2018 Susanna Bossa

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I work with a variety of mediums but I mostly use acrylic paint. I am
deeply inspired by surrealistic and abstract art and I enjoy expressing
myself through my paintings. I have titled my work Soul Expressions
because I feel they depict my observations of humanity with all its
wisdom and frailty.

Since human nature is divided against itself, appearances are often
misleading. Soul and body, angel and beast coexisting together to form a
whole. What transpires through our physical shell, embellished or not for
publice display, is always tinted with some kind of duality. Our true
state of mind is well hidden in our soul and is to be discovered and
understood. I try to capture everyone's mind, body and soul, translating
their expressions that the eyes can't see into visual imageries.

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