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Rich in a diverse array of colour and theme, the art of Susanne Iles
embodies a vivid imagination in a contemporary symbolist style.
Drawing upon interests in mythology, spirituality, anthropology and
ancient history, Susanne explores her passion for Dragons.

Following studies at the Ontario College of Art, since 1986 Susanne
has pursued two avenues to hone her craft - one in the fine art world
and the other as a freelance illustrator. Susanne has participated in
fine art shows internationally, including Canada, U.S. and the U.K.
Her current passion, DracoBlu, incorporates both painting and writing
and is devoted to the cultural, spiritual and historical fine art
representation of Dragons.

Susanne's work can be described as "...dreamlike and mythical,
encompassing light and dark and the sacred." Her art hearkens back
to an age of storytelling tradition and magic, contributing to the
emergence of a New Renaissance. "I view the Dragon as symbolizing
God the Father, the Divine Feminine, and man's sacred link between
Heaven and Earth. My objective is to return a lost knowledge of
ancient traditions....I am striving to create a passion through my art
and writing which resonates not only with the mind, but with the

Through interviews with scholars and research in theology,
anthropology, history, and mythology, Susanne's work manifests
dragon storytelling tradition covering such themes as: dragons in
international creation mythology, the Asian dragon, dragons in
Christianity, dragon symbolism in geomancy, the Celtic dragon, and
the archetypal dragon. Her publishing credits include: Spirituality and
Health The Soul/Body Connection and Sacred Hoop Magazine.

In the past, Susanne has been a member of the Campbell River
Community Arts Council and Campbell River and District Public Art
Gallery, in addition to the Seymour Gallery in N. Vancouver and the
East Central Ontario Art Association. Susanne's work can be viewed
online at
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