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Thank you for your interest in my work.

I have had a camera in my hands since age four, am also a writer and healer, and have enjoyed a lifetime of multilevel observation. I/eye perceive things on many levels and when we allow ourselves to truly open, it happens with heart and spirit as well as intellect and reveals the great potential inherent in how connected we really are to all we see and all that we share this beautiful planet with.

I believe that kind of deeper connection, in combination with a conscious appreciation and positive Loving presence, intention, and action, are the keys to healing all of the misunderstanding that has made us feel separate in this world.

As I express this vision and way of being, it is my goal to offer you images that inspire, uplift, awaken, and deepen our consciousness of our own "inner light," and appreciation for the inherent beauty and sacredness of our landscape, environment, and those we share it with.

Much of my previous professional work has been in media and publishing. The last couple of years I have been called to apply my focus to the entertainment world (and my creative imagery) intending that my purpose of touching everyone positively filter outward into the world through my work in locations and performance in film, TV, video, print, commercials, and special events.

In addition, my creative work includes:
- intimate natural light portraits of people, places, things
- fine art images that convey a deeper essential essence, the inherent beauty and integrity all around us, and intend a lightening heart and spirit
- sharing visual metaphor, symbol, and cultural mirrors that are all around us in these times of great change.

I honor artistic freedom. Creating Art is an act of Love. The basis of all art is understanding Light, composition, articulating a deeper vision, and what we can perceive and feel. Although the emergence of digital technology has offered freedom, access, and immediacy that has opened unprecedented doorways of creativity, I edit my photographs very little if at all, preferring to convey a well crafted image that has been captured in the magic of the moment. I perform or closely oversee the printing and matting of my images which are created with great care, using archival materials, inks, and fine papers so to last a lifetime.

I am based in the Los Angeles California area, but consider the world my home and welcome your comments. Please visit my website often, as there are frequent updates, and feel free to e-mail me at

Wishing you Joy, Light, and many wonderful adventures,

Susan Peik
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