Suzanne Urash

La Mansion
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I was born in Scranton, PA and moved to Tampa, Florida in 1992. I began painting in 2001 under the instruction of Vivian Bowman, St. Petersburg, FL. I have attended several courses in photography, sculpture, and drawing from local arts centers including Artists Unlimited in Tampa and The Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL.

My original style as an emerging artist was to paint what is real based on what I can see, touch and feel. I have developed a style of painting that gives me the comfort of re-creating reality with the challenge of adding impressionism. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects with no preference towards one or the other.

I am pursing new aspirations in expressionism and abstract art. Together with my original passion for realism and impressionism, I feel that I will bring my individual style and diversity to those who love the arts.
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