Sylvester Engbrox

Wet Road
© 2017 Sylvester Engbrox

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Sylvester Engbrox's painting, figurative and anchored in today’s world, shows characters, often just partially clothed, moving through strange atmospheres. These figures and settings based on images from our daily lives the popular press and Internet or more personal references Andy Warhol and the films of David Lynch result in a reality reinvented by the artist. Engbrox makes no judgements or statements in his paintings, and that is where their strength lies; they are perfectly in tune with the digital era, where realities are many and polymorphous. Engbrox was born in Cleves, Germany and moved to France in the mid-1980s. He began as a photographer, experimented with painting in the 1990s, headed an independent record label and returned to painting full-time. Nurtured by all those experiences, Engbrox offers us unclassifiable art.
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