Sylvia Worthy

acrylic on canvas, 950 x1370 mm
© 2018 Sylvia Worthy

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Current work: Paintings inspired by the rediscovery of old black and white photographs with routes and features annotated with white route lines, numerals and letters, mostly climbs in the Himalayas. A group of ideas has been evolving based on this theme. Large masses are held down by the solidity of the white bisecting them. The [subjective] importance of the routes in such extreme situations is emphasised. Large masses are broken into by the sky which is the only other significant feature and the one overwhelmingly powerful controlling factor in all human interaction within this hostile environment. Large masses are reduced to frosty networks as the mountains disintegrate not into the clouds but in front of them
Computer manipulated from digital photographic sources, collecting and assembling images which continue the Icarus theme with the human body reinstated. This has led me to return towards the transparent and constructed approach I thought I had abandoned a long time ago. The techniques, themes and substance however are new
2000 Casts from the Icarus series led to a more abstract approach in which the casts became more vividly coloured and the human form more or less disappeared
1993-9 Re reading Auden's Musee des Beaux Arts the image I saw was immediate and vivid and resulted in the first Icarus painting This led to a long series of related paintings and a number of reliefs and casts.
1989-95 Images of swimmers, usually women. Increasing fascination with aspects of water and light. Acrylic on canvas, some watercolours,
Previous work: includes glass sculptures, painting, prints
Degree: First Class Honours Art & Design. Currently available work: Mountains, Painting, acrylic on canvas. Works on paper. Computer manipulated images. Reliefs, painted plaster and wood. Assemblages.
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