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Tania Wursig, Sydney born and based Artist, of German,Finish and Gypsie descent, attributes much of the exotic and flamboyant nature of her work to her diverse cultural background.

Exhibiting regularly in Australia and abroad, her paintings are in private collections world wide,including the U.K, Spain, France, Budapest, Germany and the U.S.A.

The inspiration of light, colour and the female form is dominant in Wursig's earlier works. A celebration of the feminine ,these works range from, sensual Nymph like creatures engaging in a dance of seduction, tables laden with succulent fruits and flowers, to nudes that confront with an expectant gaze. During her years of travelling and living throughout Europe, Wursig's work underwent many transformations. Embracing new cultures and experiences has given her an appetite for the narrative. Drawing inspiration from her own life journey, introducing a more personal imagery and symbolism to illustrate her stories in a lyrical and at times comical way with a hint of irony.

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