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This piece is about the rising of the Kundalini, the life force that remains dormant in most people all their lives. For some, a life of dedicated yogic work can cause it to rise up and transform them forever, dramatically. Many other people do have a taste of the experience by having their Kundalini pathway opened more widely in preparation through the exercises, such as intense Tantric work, and pre Kundalini rises up, less forfully and disruptively than the actual Kundalini. When this happens, they experience a new sense of themselves as being large, boundariless beings, blissful, pulsing out of the void moment by moment, shining light, and awareness.
Most people don't notice the human form in this piece at first, which I like. The Kundalini is portrayed rising through its central channel in the spine, and the two sides of the personality and body must be in balance for this to occur. There is a sense of the head being lit up with divine sensation, and a oneness with all things.
This piece is a combination of photography and painting, with Photoshop work done to it digitally. It is printed out as a giclee, and for sale.
I am well published and displayed Internationally. I was the World Class Photographer for the Times Journal of Photography, out of India, a judge for both painting and photography for the BTDesign Awards, out of Italy, have shown my work often in London and Spain, and have shown other locations as well such as New York, Luxembourg, San Francisco, and others. I am the Art Director of www.madhattersreview.com. My own art is often published, and I have been on various covers, been interviewed often, and have many features, such as www.SpartanDog, www.Mannequinenvy.com, and Global Inner Visions. I live in San Francisco by the ocean.
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