Unique Art Photography ....by JUDY GREEN

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Cutting edge digital photography by Judy Green with exclusive use of the iPhone 3G. Unique
original images, some beautifully enhanced with iPhone photography applications. To order
original prints of the photographs shown, please contact Judy at judegreen52@yahoo.com.

To view photographs,
go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/judygreen/

Daily blog with recent works of art posted regularly... http://sweetcottagecharm.wordpress.com/

Regarding Judy's previous works: Judy Green is a self taught artist who works in many mediums.
Her skills include photography, painting, sculpting and primitive rug hooking.

Previously, Judy has created incredibly life-like tributes to humanity. These life-sized works of
art, with hand-sculpted heads and hands, seem always on the verge of movement - a mere
instant away from action. All the components - the individual shapes of the faces, the veins on
the hands, the facial expressions… contribute to each creation’s unique individuality, and all
combine to produce an arresting quality that compels one to take a closer look.

Some of Judy’s sculptural work is currently on display in the state of Tennessee - DAF Galleries.
Several of her other "people" reside in several states across the US. Judy hand-sculpts (no molds
used) the clay heads and hands, and then constructs bodies for her
one-of-a-kind, lifelike creations.

All artwork and images of artwork
Copyright 2010 Judy Green, all rights reserved

Please note:
To view more of Judy's work, please go to -- http://sweetcottagecharm.wordpress.com/
Email - judegreen52@yahoo.com
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