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I was born in Bulgaria and I am engaged in art since 18. I have finished a high school of fine arts in the historic Bulgarian town Plovdiv. I paint oil-paintings and landscapes, participate in national and international exhibitions of art of painting. Besides that I work in the field of the applied art and the visual communication, arranging hotels and administrative buildings.

During the past years I was engaged only and exclusively in that. In the summer I paint on Sunny Beach (a tourist center on the Bulgarian Black Sea). The rest part of the year I work in my studio in Kosharica village, region of Sunny Beach. I paint from photo and from nature. It is desirable for the photos to be clear and the objects to be not less that 2-3cm. However, if something is not so clear it could be explained by words (color of eyes, peculiarities, etc.).
The most beautiful thing in the human face is that it can not be seen and reproduced twice in the world. It is more beautiful when you try to reiterate it by means of art. The pastel as a technique gives an exclusive ability for work in the field of the detail and the whole creating the image. My style of work is the soft pastel. Color and black-and-white portraits, landscapes, portraits of pets, houses -everything is created by means of the soft pastel.

And my passion are especially the pets portraits. My aim is to give you a true likeliness of your beloved pet, recriated in an exquisite painting. The indiviaduality of your pet will be captured exactly.

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