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My first direct experience with photography was at age seven when I was given a Brownie camera. And I was also interested at an early age in painting and pastels. With the digital medium I have been able to combine painting and photography to creat something entirely new. My images begin life as photographs. I manipulate them digitally to achieve a painterly quality. I enjoy creating imaginary worlds. I experiment with symmetry to create unreal scenes or objects. I distort the image for an otherworldly effect. My images hint at a hidden life of everyday objects and scenes.

My material includes images of Hawaii, Southwest images, flowers, images of kitchen objects, and landscapes. I have a tabletop studio where I have created images using tomatos, fruit, and flowers from the garden, and everyday familiar objects from the kitchen. I create unusual distortions and reflections by warping sheets of metallic artists paper and photographing my subjects in them. For me, photography is just the beginning. The rest is imagination.
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