Terri Baugh-Norman

Picking a Colour
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Baugh Norman Oils, Contemporary Figurative Art and Symbolism http://www.BaughNormanOils.com Artist Terri Baugh-Norman; oil paintings, charcoal drawings, intaglio, more...

I enjoy experimenting with a variety of materials; creating sculpture, intaglio, watercolour, collage, drawings in various media, and oil paintings. Oil paint is my primary medium. Most of the oil paintings are painted entirely with palette knives in lieu of paintbrushes, allowing me to create very textural paintings. Another painting technique I use is a 'wipe technique'. This involves applying a layer of oil paint then using a cloth to lift, or 'wipe' the paint from the canvas, thereby exposing lighter subject areas.

What is the art about? Colour and symbolism. I saturate objects with vibrant hue. Colour is a constant experiment for me.
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