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Thom Millsap
2377 Linwood Avenue Unit 201 Naples, Fl 34112 239 298-0865
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Spontaneity, action and the beauty of the moment is what I strive for whenever my brush touches the canvas. When I put one mark down on the canvas, it activates the surface and I have to put another mark somewhere else to counter balance that activity. It is that process of energy, one mark after another, until the composition becomes a whole. It is a peak experience to paint and to do it right. The purpose of my day is to work with the highest intention to create the purest beauty for all. Through the radiance of color and the strength of the line, I reveal the beauty and truth of my reality. Inspiration for paintings is a diverse montage of my travels…the flowers on a table may be from a hotel in Spain, the vase from a shop in London, the rocking chairs from a house on Cape Cod and the landscape appearing thru a window might have been inspired by the Florida Keys. Exhibiting nationally and painting professionally for over twenty years, I am always in pursuit of beauty and truth.

Master of Fine Art University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Chancellors Award

Bachelors of Fine Art Salisbury State University, Maryland
Art Meritorious Award

Travel and Study on numerous American Council for International Studies and American International Foreign Studies programs throughout much of Europe, Russia, China and Africa

Recent Travels to Central America, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean

Museum Collections
Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Loretto, PA
Meridian Museum of Art, Meridian, MS
Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC

University Collections
Salisbury State University, Salisbury, MD
Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

Public Collections
City of Naples Public Collections
• Von Liebig Art Museum
• Collier County Museum
• Norris Community Center
• Naples Ladies Auxiliary Building Collection

Partial List of Collectors
Mr. Samuel Benasayag, Ceuta, Spain
Mr. and Mrs. David Saunders, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Orland Torres, Madrid, Spain
Mr. Andres Guillemard, Puerto Rico
Mr. Lanrne Cancellieri, Paris, France
Mr. Andre deStruck, Mexico City, Mexico
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fleischmann, Naples, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Bromberg, Morristown, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Stavropoulos, Troy, MI
Ms. Jean C. Tindall, Barrington, IL

Thom is a full time artist who exhibits throughout the year his calendar of exhibitions can be found on his web site
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