Thomai Kontou

A travel with a shell and paper boats
© 2018 Thomai Kontou

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Thomai Kontou learned sketching from 1971 to 1978 in Athens, in the Vrassida Vlahopoulos and Theodoros Drossos ateliers. She was taught painting by Yannis Tsarouhis, while she learned the Fresco Technique by Dimitris Kostopoulos.
She is continuously present in the Artistic area since 1973 with 20 individual exhibitions and has taken part in 84 group shows in Greece and abroad. She participated in 6 BIENNALES: 1996 in Belgrade, 1998 in Mexico, 1999 and 2001 in Pisa – Italy and in 2002 and 2004 in Poland.
Her works are influenced by the Aegean Sea, its stones and shells, by the Universal flows and the Angels’ Plasmas.
Works of her can be found in private collections in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, USA, Italy, Japan, Spain, Brazil. They can also be found in the Navy’s collection in the “Averoff” warship and in the following Museums: “Transparent Museum of Art” in Belgrade and the Post “ Denmark Museum of Art” in Copenhagen. Also in Sgourda’s Collection “Contemporary artistic èventail”.
The Greek Navy has dedicated to her the 53d special edition of “Navy Intellectual Culture”, while she has been included in the artistic sector of the “Navy Encyclopedia”, in the “Painters meeting” folio, and the Greek Artists’ Lexicon edited by “Melissa”.
Under the Auspices of the Organization “Cultural Capitol of Europe – Thessaloniki ‘97”, her folio “Aegean Shells” was edited in June 1997. It contained 10 cards from her paintings.
In 1998 she sketched the scenery and costumes for the play “ Our own yard” by Vangelis Colonas, which was performed in Larissa in cooperation with the “ Theater of Thessaly ”.

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