Tibor Juhasz

Agressive love
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"Juhasz Tibor bonds together the conteporary need of expressing the unfolding and informal individuality with the acceptance of social relations. Morally, it needs to be appreciated. [...]

The emotional and spiritual effect of colors are known for long. Juhasz Tibor uses it in a conscious and well thought through manner. The brisk, divese and rich use of colors of the breezily painted surfaces carry in themselves the fulfilling feature of human passion. The figures molded in motion, further express the opulence affection of man and woman. These colors and forms therefore radiate elementary and excessive passion.The white and red colors fill an important function in the buildup of the paintings.In these emphatic colors, Juhasz Tibor articulates the purity and glow of passion."

Agoston Szekelyhidi, writer, art historian honored by the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic Officers Cross
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