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Tina Coggins is a digital artist and illustrator who started drawing in childhood and progressed to paints as a teenager. As she became older, she attended college in her central coast, CA town, learning computer graphics and refining her art skills, with a concentration in rendering the undraped figure.

Later, in 1998, she found the Internet, and fractals.

"Coming across Don Archer's fractal site when I first went digital in '98 was riveting to the point of epiphany. I became addicted, spending hours poring over fractal gallery sites and trying my hand at creating my own. Due to shoulder injuries and Carpal-Tunnel surgeries, I am no longer able to create much art using traditional medium, and at the time I discovered fractals, I had already been creating digital art for several years. Rather than creating paintings on large canvases, I focused on digital illustrations and fractal art."

Her focus has mostly been on non-objective and abstract works, many times using fractals as the jumping-off point to what generally ends up being a colorful piece of op-art or abstract art.

Ms. Coggins creates commissioned, as well as un-commissioned, works, and sells signed limited edition prints from her website.
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