Tiziana Ciaghi

Piccole Dolomiti
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Tiziana Ciaghi was born in Rovereto in the province of Trento, which is
situated in the north Italy. She has worked as decorator both on
glass and wood, in collaboration with the Handworkers Association of the
province of Trento. Her interest in painting has encouraged
her to try the application of various techniques, such as airbrush painting
on paper and textiles and scenes on canvas using acrylic.
After ten years experience in the field of handcrafts which has developed
and matured her talent, she now wishes to represent reality in a more
detailed way and to research the use of colour and light with greater
delicacy and accuracy.
"My spirit is with the Nature, I like mountain landscapes, wildlife, lakes,
the silence and harmony, light and colours, the free space, the sense of
wonder.... all this is part of my heart."

Tiziana's Art Links:
http://www.artring.net/painting/preview/?a=21351&d =0
http://www.enable.org/~gallery/subpages/ciaghi/ciaghi. html

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