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Tom Repasky is a pioneer in digital fine art with a surrealist orientation. He has been producing works of intricate detail and thought provoking composition since 1995. Originally from Ohio he spent most of his life on the west coast where he carved a career in the first wave of information technology and super computers. He now resides in Pennsylvania. He derives inspiration for his art from the interplay of words, perceptions and the visual poetry of thematic juxtapositions. His images are an outpouring of his unique view of the Universe Within. His art has been in several galleries recently. Most were juried shows around a theme or medium. These include: Kingstad Gallery (Beaverton Oregon), Rake Gallery (Portland Oregon), Blackfish Gallery (Portland Oregon), MacWorthington Gallery (Columbus Ohio)

His strengths are in expressing thoughtful ideas and their impact on perception. He gets inspired by most everything. During the past 13 years, he has created more than 3,000 pieces.

Tom began playing and composing music on his parents piano at age 14, began writing stories and poetry in the 60's and began painting with acrylics and oils in the 70s. During the 80's Tom's job as an engineer in the computer industry provided him access to computers and 3d visualization of scientific data. By 1994 personal computers were beginning to capably support the mathematics necessary for 3d design and visualization (rendering). Because of his injuries from a childhood accident, using a paint brush became increasingly painful and so the computer became the brush, the media, and the medium. Tom's first Digital Fine Art website was published in 1994. Since then it has continued to grow and expand. During the 90's received many awards for art, design, presentation and navigation.
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