Tom Szewc

Bourgeoisie 54" x 66" w / Oil on linen
© 2018 Tom Szewc

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Tom Szewc is a contempory figurative painter.
I put insulated individuals from different situation together in my work to create a new condition. The new condition produces an emotional tension that is essential to my involvement in the work. I find that the relationships in group portraiture intensify the dynamic of the condition. And that's what gives life to my vision and me a buzz.
I use chance to find my models. They are ordinary people I encounter in my daily life. I don't know them prior. I am just go to crowded places where people congregate. I see something that sets me off. It is a pose, a movement, a relationship. This triggers an event for me and the source of my content. Portraits of people in motion.
Tom Szewc

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