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Canadian photographer, Tom Zsolt has been documenting the changing Ontario countryside for over 20 years. His exhibition, Ontario Gothic, during Contact'98 in Toronto, caught the imagination of the public and of publisher Roger Boulton of Kearns, Vander Meersch & Boulton, who in 1999 published County Matters, Zsolt's first book. This major work documented the changing land, people and lifestyles in rural Ontario and was well received by the public and the media. Country Matters was short listed as one of five finalists for the Roloff Beny Award in 1999 for the best book of photography by a Canadian, published that year.

Zsolt recently completed work photographing the remnants and restoration of "Halifax NA337", a unique and historic aircraft intended to be a permanent memorial to Canadian airman of the Second World War. Zsolt's photographs will comprise a major portion of a book to be published in conjunction with the opening of the new war museum, built to house this massive bomber. Tom is currently collaborating with writer/psychologist Toni Atkinson on a book of landscapes. His photographs, taken across Canada and abroad, will be accompanied by Atkinson's essays exploring visual perception and the affects of our surroundings.

Tom Zsolt, who lectures internationally, has appeared on CITY-TV, CTV, TVO, and in numerous radio interviews including with Andy Barrie of the CBC. His work is exhibited in Ontario and is collected across Canada and the United States by private individuals, corporations and institutions. Zsolt, who has photographed worldwide, lives in Georgian Township in rural Ontario, and continues to photograph most extensively in Canada, South Western United States, the East Coast and Mexico.

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