Tommy Russell

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I'm 24 years old, married to a beautiful women, and a father to 2 beautiful angels that I have the honor of calling my daughters. A lot of the photographs I take are of them, they are my true inspiration. I also love to take pictures of nature at it's best. Either the sunset that takes my breathe away time after time......or, maybe just sitting out on the lake looking out over the fish filled water. I take pictures of anything I can find, because to me, everything is beautiful. I grew up watching people live thier lives and nothing they did would be a life for me to live. people getting hurt, abused, torn out of existance by words, and thoughts of racism or prejudice of any form...I didn't want to see eyes were meant for beauty. so, that's what I do, I see all that is beautiful...the only thing I let in the way is my camera, just so that i can always remember......the world is really a beautiful place after all.

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