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I have invented a new computer-based artistic technique that I use to create visual images of unsurpassed vibrance, precision, and elegance. Each work is the fulfillment of a unique quest: an arrival in a freshly discovered world of visual experience.

A distinguishing feature of this approach is that it allows form, color, texture, and illumination to be manipulated as separate aspects of the appearance of an entire compositional field. This enables a range of plasticity and control heretofore unavailable in existing media, whether traditional or digital. Technical virtuosity thus consists of perfecting a knowledge of when and how to apply these methods to achieve an envisioned end result.

This allows my artistic practice to be based on very rapid exploration, experiment, discovery, and selection. Sometimes this is directed towards attaining a pre-determined result while at other times, it is more exploratory and open-ended.

Many of these pictures exhibit surface effects—texture, shading, and illumination—that are familiar characteristics of traditional paintings. This lends a surface relief quality to high-resolution details so that when rendered as a giclee print, the image has a stunning tactile presence and depth.

With a few obvious exceptions, there is nothing representational to be recognized in my compositions and nothing in them that conveys a plausible narrative, either literary, conceptual, or polemical. Because they are free of culturally-laden iconographic references, people of all backgrounds, age groups, and world cultures can connect with them as pure experience. They are intended to challenge all viewers to discover their own unique aesthetic relationship in each visual encounter.
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