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Michael Tory Baggiano has intensely pursued many forms of expression and creation during his life. A world-champion freestyle water-skier, he broke the world record for most points scored in 1990 and then raised his own record again in 1991. After conquering his physical side of expression, he shifted his interests to the visual arts, and the ways painting and sculpture affect the mind.

Over the years, Baggiano has focused his studies where he gains most of his inspiration- the modern masters (Matisse, Dali, de Kooning, Pollock, Clemente, and Picasso among others). He believes each artist to be vital in their own way and uses their vocabulary and tools to create his unique and original style of art.

Baggiano's art is designed to provoke thought and is not created exclusively for decorative purposes. His work is new, fresh and real.

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