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The Nature and the Inner Self

"Every motion, shade and energy drawn on these canvas show my soul dressed up in green and yellow and delighted at the intense feeling of being...always.
I feel like art, I make myself colorful and I find things around me beautiful, enjoyable, exotic and plentiful.
I set off from my inner self for a meeting with my deeper inner self. I turn
myself into flowers, fruits, colors, sensuality, harmony, whilst from my hands spontaneously flow the huge drawings that I make on my screens.
On the flags, I portray my Brazilian identity and citizenship, inside which the
rectangle is as green as my hopes; the lozenge is as yellow as all the gold that there is inside everyone and everything; the circle is as blue as the sky where all the stars live and shine to brighten our minds; and the banner is as white as the peace in my heart and in all the hearts of those who, like me, dream... .
In the flowers, I place my femininity, my sensuality, my white eroticism;
In the fruits, all the taste that there is in life;
In the drops of water, the purified essence of the soul;
In the birds, the beauty and the freedom;
In my paintings, the best of myself to be shared with those who love the life, the simplicity and the beauty of the nature and the inner self.

Touth Andrade
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