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Growing up outside his birthplace in Moberly, Missouri, Travis Apel's art has been influenced by
the physical environment that surrounded him. Throughout grammar school, he strived to
create realistic art; however, the illustrations drawn and painted made him feel creatively stale.
By comparison, he visited a foundry on a high school field trip which ignited his imagination
beyond a creative vacuum of making 2-D art. With his visionary traits and autodidactic
approach, sculpture provided therapeutic means to express his ideas.

After Travis studied at Kansas City Art Institute, he eventually worked in a gallery and foundry in
Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2001, he has worked in Omaha, Nebraska where his work has been
featured at the Hot Shops Art Center, Omaha Summer Arts Festival and Art on the Pointe.
Additionally, his work has been selected for the Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show
and invited to become a member of the New England Sculptors Association. His objects are
scheduled for exhibition in the Nebraska Showcase Gallery. Combined with sculpture, Travis has
been commissioned to create custom jewelry for several years.
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