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Cats in the Yarn
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Glass is fascinating. It catches the light, and, if its surface is scratched, it loses its transparency. Engraving glass requires a diamond tip, the only thing that can truly penetrate its hard surface. I use a couple of different tips to do outlines and shading.
I engrave various types of glass, in various shapes: Vases, stemware, plates, bowls. Allmost anything that can be pencil or ink drawn, can also be engraved on glass. I enjoy making one-of-a-kind pieces: Sceneries, animals, flowers, ornamentals, lettering all look good on glass. I do custom work, as well as creations of my own fancy. I can do a combination of both. For a special event, let me design a piece for you. For your wedding, a graduate, a birthday, a promotion...there are countless possibilities!

I began working with glass in my twenties as a hobby. All my early pieces were simple designs and were given as gifts. In recent years, when I re-discoverd my old hobby and decided to do art commercially, I became more versatile. I love a challenge. If it can be dreamed, I want to try it. I am currently looking into possibilities in automotive window art.

I live with my husband, my son, and four cats on some wooded acres. My surroundings inspire me.
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