Tyler Hannigan

Tiwa Passing
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Brief Resume:
Graduate in Ceramics from the Philadelphia College of Art.
(Philadelphia, PA - USA)
Worked several years with the Army and the Air Force as a
Recreation Specialist, teaching Fine Crafts to the military
personel and their dependents.

Studio craftsmen off and on for so many years. Working in various media including glass, fiber, functional ceramics and as a "bead maker", developing jewelry concepts.

Founded "silverhawk.com" in July 1996. An information oriented
internet domain being developed to further the careers of
Studio Craftsmen working in all Fine Craft Media.

Work Description:
A series of digitaly modified landscape photographs derived from
developing graphics for web sites. Photographers often crop
their pictures to focus attention on the most relavent
composition. The intent with my work is to do the same but also
to retain the larger environment.
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