Tyrone Lewis

Road To White Oaks
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Tyrone Lewis began his first endeavors in the visual arts by portrayals of the landscape. Over the years, he has identified himself with various imagery and varied venues, yet always coming back to the landscape and it’s forms. It’s attraction, says Tyrone, is that regardless of conditions, it is always in perfect harmony.
Tyrone's wonderful use of color and light, faithfully represent the ever-changing landscapes of the American horizon. Traveling throughout the United States, he faithfully brings life to his canvases, freezing in time the beauty of nature. With an understanding drawn from the roots of his childhood, molded with appreciation of art and nature, he has matured to become a serious, dedicated, fine artist of significance.
Desiring to pursue an artistic career, he graduated with a B.F.A. degree from the Memphis College of Arts. His favored medium is oil on canvas, panel or paper.
Tyrone has been featured in several regional juried shows, including the 2002 and 2003 International Contemporary Masters of Fine Art – Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, and is amongst the top 100 “Arts for the Parks” 2003 exhibition, premiering in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His work has appeared in various publications, as well as corporate and private collections internationally. He is represented by galleries in New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, and through private California, Louisiana, and Arkansas consultants.
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