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Artist Uche Reginald Amadi

Born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Mr. Uche Amadi's inspiration for art came through his mother. "My mother would often demonstrate the fundamentals of sketching while preparing her students' daily chalkboard assignments in Owerri, where she taught school" Mr. Amadi stated.

His own personal quest for life began by drawing with sticks and painting with mud as a youth. Later he would assist his mother by drawing illustrations she would need for the classroom.

In 1991, Mr. Amadi received his Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts at the University of Port Harcourt. During the course of his studies, Mr. Amadi was greatly influenced by famous artists such as Picasso (for his use of cubes in expressions), Van Gough (for his use of textures) and Monet (for his use of impressionism). With this strong foundation, he was inspired to create his own unique style.

The symbols and patterns used in Mr. Amadi's work come from an art form called the "ULI Practice." These traditional symbols and patterns (done in chalk) are used in decorating native houses in the eastern part of Nigeria where Mr. Amadi grew up.

Later Mr. Amadi relocated to Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire (also known as Ivory Coast) where he resided for approximately five years. During the coarse of his stay in 2001, Mr. Amadi received a certificate of merit and received commission for his art work titled "VIVEZ L' INSTANT COCA-COLA" from the Coca Cola Bottling Company (PLC) in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Also in the same year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Cote D' Ivoire sponsored an exhibition for Mr. Amadi titled "Mirrors of Society." There Mr. Amadi displayed numerous works of art, such as... "Where do we go from here?" and "Who will care?"

Mr. Amadi has now moved to the United States, where he lives with his wife and daughter in Euless, Texas (a suburban area of Dallas/Fort Worth).

In February 2004, the North Texas Chapter of Blacks in Government sponsored an exhibition for Mr. Amadi at the Courtyard at Marriott Hotel in Irving, Texas. There he received a certificate of recognition from the Chapter.

Today, Mr. Amadi has over 15 years experience in the art industry. He continues to explore personal, multidimensional and complex images illustrating how to combine art and reality which constitutes reality for him.

Mr. Amadi and his wife are the proud owners of ART-N-SOUL Galerie. This on-line gallery officially launch for business in May 2006. He is now making plans for his next upcoming exhibit.
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