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There are places and moments in this world that seem to be waiting for nothing but their discovery: The glowing yellow of a rape field, the warm red of poppies, a half-open garden door or a street café inviting us to step inside. These are the impressions and moods which Ute Herrmann captures on canvas in oil and in formats that add special emphasis to each subject.

Ute Herrmann comes from an artists’ family. Thanks to her father, she has been familiar with the paintbrush and canvas since early childhood. She is an artist in the truest sense of the word, as her paintings are all about the attractiveness of colours and the surfaces of her objects.

The special appeal of her paintings derives from her depth of perspective which opens up a pictorial space to the viewer. This impression is created by that special interaction between paints applied as a glaze and those with a paste-like quality.

Any art that endeavours to be honest to the viewer must be based on good craftsmanship coupled with talent and the desire to preserve some beautiful subjective moments in this world. The artist creates such moments through impressionist yet realistic images which sometimes set detailed accents and sometimes consciously convey vivid impressions in a consciously reduced manner.
Her close affinity to nature and her cheerful, unaffected method of using colour in her compositions lead to works that are full of joyful vitality.

Biographical notes

1969 Born in Cologne

1986-1988 College of Design in Rheinbach

1988-1990 Vocational College of Design with main focus on graphic arts, Rheinbach

1990-1992 Studied at the Rhine-Sieg Academy of Art and concluded with diploma in graphic design

1992 Trained in the drawing of portraits and nudes

Since 1992: Freelance artist

1993 First time in Paris and at Carmel artists’ colony in California

1994 Study trip to Italy

1995 First study trip to the German North Sea island of Sylt

2000 Studies in watercolours

2003 Study trip to Provence

2009 Lecturer in painting and illustration at the Rhine-Sieg Academy of Art in Hennef
Studios of Ute Herrmann

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