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Abstract art originals and limited edition prints by abstract artist Van Renselar. Artworks created for home interiors and corporate spaces.
Van Renselar has travelled extensively. He grew up in South Wales and London, where he now lives and works. After committing himself fully to abstract painting 10 years ago he has rapidly become one of the most original of the emerging modern abstract artists in the UK. He has exhibited at many venues in the UK and the USA. As an abstract artist, he produces colourful abstract art that is concerned more with form, composition and colour as an alternative to subject matter.
As he says, "I want to use my knowledge of colour, shape and line to make pictures which involve and intrigue the viewer. I take ideas from around and within me, using intuition and imagination to create a new context. Much of my work stems from my subconscious, where I see actions, events and ideas as particular shapes and colours. It took me a long time to fully realize that not everyone translated the world in this way."
Across his range of colourful abstract art, there’s no defining key of symbols. There is no ‘language’ for the viewer to learn. Each piece of work establishes itself on its own visual merits and the viewer’s interest.
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