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The expressioniste painter Susanna Viale was born in Turin the 4th of June 1959 in Turin , her zodiacal sign is Gemini and her teacher is a famous Italian painter Sergio Albano.

 She lives in Pino Torinese , she went to the artistic school , she studied sociology and she is interested in psycho-sociological problems and environmental ones too , she is specialised in communication ,especially from a psychological point of view and she works as a clerk in a State's Office .

 Creativity is her life , any aspect of every day life is dealt with fantasy . 

She loves travelling , every journey is an excuse to take photos of real life and of experiences which she uses for her paintings .

 Faces and scenes , even dramatic ones are reproduced in her paintings , they are full of sensations and give strong emotions .

All with a grand explosion of colours and of hands of paint that seem to run on the canvas . 

She does experiments on various materials , especially garbage and hardware pieces. 

 Since 1985 she has participated to various personal and collective exhibitions and has received different prizes and her work has received a good impression by art critics and the visitors .

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