Victoria Page Miller

Orange Blossoms and Honey Bee
© 2017 Victoria Page Miller

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My paintings reflect the beauty of all that surrounds us. Oils and
watercolors are my primary mediums for sharing adventures with my fellow
artists, of which I include you the viewer, as we make our introduction to
one another.

As a result of a undiagnosed illness, I was hard of hearing as a child. In
this insular world I spent hours drawing happily alone. Later in youth, I
studied under Florida artists Lois B. Davis in pastel and oil, and Ann
Perillo in fundamentals of design and watercolor.

I further developed my artistic training through high school, but then took
a solid departure. A love of kinetic sculpture transformed into a love for
electrical engineering.

After a successful technology career with IBM and a life changing decade
with the Army National Guard, I moved with my family back to my home state
of Florida. Fully realizing my childhood passion is completely amazing, and
a journey well spent.

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